Our Process

We work with you to define your project and goals, talk about what’s possible versus what is practical, discuss your brand and who you are trying to reach, and develop a gameplan for the best course forward together.

Once we’ve defined your project, the fun part begins. We produce a series of design mockups (for logos, web layouts, etc) to enable you to visualize the look, feel and functionality of your project. Once presented to you, your feedback is crucial; we refine and polish the selected design direction together.

When we get the sign-off on your design, we go to work to build your project to the technical specifications established during the planning phase. There’s even a good chance you’ll get some extras that we didn’t plan for too.

Once your new site has been built, we walk you through it and train you on the tools that we’ve implemented. While you’re entering your site content (or we can do that too), we test for bugs and implement any final revisions or additions that you’ve requested. When we all decide we’re ready, we pull the trigger.

We are always willing to continue to work with you after the project has launched to perform iterative support and site security (highly recommended), ongoing training and consulting, and otherwise watch your site analytics grow and change right along with you.